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Born and raised in Rome, the granddaughter of milliner Clelia Venturi, Francesca Mambrini started honing her signature aesthetic sensibility as a child in her grandmother’s luxurious and polished haute-couture atelier, a mecca for all the stars and socialites of that Italian golden era epitomized by Federico Fellini’s iconic movie “La Dolce Vita.”

After graduating college with a degree in Architecture, Francesca began her career as an interior decorator at Rome’s prestigious Studio Angeletti, where she had the chance to express her multifaceted creativity in a myriad of upscale projects around the world commissioned by international jet-set clients. Settling down in Milan with her family, Francesca decided to reinvent herself, taking her passion for fashion, art and design to Istituto Marangoni, the world-renewed Milanese fashion school where she was able to explore her interests and learning the art of designing and making shoes.



Soon after graduating, Francesca pursued her passion and launched her namesake footwear brand, kicking of a journey deeply influenced by beautiful and sweet childhood memories, fascinating and adventurous travels, as well as by an unmistakable taste.In a captivating balance between precision and discipline on one side and kaleidoscopic creativity on the other, Francesca combines in her shoes her signature personal style with an education background in architecture. The lines and silhouettes of her exclusive designs are clean and modern.

Rooted in exquisite Made in Italy workmanship and discreet luxury, the Francesca Mambrini creations are defined by the use of high-end materials and rich fabrics.Unexpected color and finishing combinations, as well as ornate embellishments and specials details, sit at the heart of everything Francesca does as part of an on-going commitment to reconnect luxury with unique exclusivity and effortless sophistication. 

Mambrini | P.IVA: 01703261204